The Collaborative

TitleConnect is the strategic alliance and partnership platform for title agents. It follows a cooperative format and enables title company practitioners to retain their independence and continue to compete in today’s climate, ripe with evolving regulatory and technology challenges.

TitleConnect. Forward Real Estate Thinking. Manifested.

Three title companies created TitleConnect as the pioneering answer to impending regulation and bureaucracy which was sure to stilt growth of smaller title and escrow companies … back in 1995. Today , we’re still growing across the MidAtlantic and soon the Nation. With a dedication to constant innovation and excellent customer service, with a proven track record of success. Our members experience the best of both worlds: absolute reliability coupled with constant innovation.

Today, TitleConnect has over 10 members, each with its own distinctive culture and style of service. TitleConnect members come together to offer smooth workflow across a vast national, even global, network. Together we have the resources to help the most regional lender, or national broker in our industry. With a focus on Residential and Commercial Transactions Nationwide, we handle even the largest clients with local expertise.

what members say...

Greater Coverage &
Streamlined Services

The TitleConnect alliance has created one of the largest title platforms in the country. With dozen of offices spread across Maryland, Virginia, St. Louis, California and Washington, DC, the collaborative companies can better service their clients by utilizing any closing location within the TitleConnect network. Additionally, the alliance allows for the opportunity to provide other streamlined services for both residential and commercial transactions. The focus continues to be on delivering the highest level of customer services and title expertise to lenders, real estate agents, builders, developers and consumers.

Benefits of membership include

  • compliance assistance

  • centralized IT support

  • HR administration and accounting

  • access to title and escrow licensing in more than 40 states.

  • Title and Real Estate Centric, In-House graphic, web, design and printing

  • support for ALTA Best Practices preparation

Making the alliance
work for you

We are constantly looking at the ways in which we can make our Client Procurement, Ordering, Processing, Closing and funding experience smoother and more comfortable for our clients though customer support and technology, coupled with human compassion for every one of our clients.